Troosh is a Fakemon that appears in the hack Pokemon Topaz by Bazza. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Fakemon. It replaces Luvdisc in the Hoenn Dex. Like the Pokemon it replaces, it specializes in offensive Water type moves.


Troosh possesses a crescent-shaped, salmon colored body with a large, forked tail sprouting inwards from the crescent. There are two black, beady eyes located in the center of the crescent, facing away from the tail.

Dex Entry Edit

Speedy Pokemon

HT 2’00’’

WT 19.2 lbs.

Troosh zooms through the water, it is the fastest swimming Pokemon on record, and can swim up to 120 mph!

Name OriginEdit

Its name may be derived from "whoosh", an onomatopoeia used to describe something that is moving very quickly.