Teaf is a Fakemon that appears in the hack Pokemon Topaz by Bazza. It evolves into Tealeaf, which then evolves into Leafweight. It replaces Seedot in the Hoenn Dex.


Teaf appears to be a large green leaf with stubby, green arms and legs that seem to lack fingers or toes. It possesses two black, beady eyes and a mouth. It seems to be based on tea leaves.

Dex Entry Edit

Leaf Pokemon

HT 1’08’’

WT 8.8 lbs.

Teef is a master of camouflage, when enemies are near, Teaf lies face down. Teaf is a common house pet, as it is good natured and friendly with children.

Moves (Known)Edit

Move Lv.
Solidfy Start
Delay Attack Start


Teaf is based on the words "Tea" and "Leaf."

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