Pneumagon is a Fakemon that appears in the hack Pokemon Topaz by Bazza. It evolves from Snootrill and is the final evolution of Drillee. It replaces Aggron in the Hoenn Dex. Like its replacement, it has low Speed and Special Defense stats and high Defense and Attack stats.


Pneumagon takes on a reptillian appearance unlike those of its former stages, Drillee and Snootrill. Its gray body sports two red stripes on the chest and what appear to be light gray shoulder plates with a light gray drill atop each. Its two arms possess three fingers each, with white claws protruding from each digit. Pneumagon now possesses a visible neck, head, mouth, and tongue, unlike its previous stages. It retains the red eyes and nasal drill, which has shrunk since evolution. Its front legs seem to have developed into arms, and has returned to being bipedal again, with each foot possessing three white, stubby toes. Pneumagon has also grown a tail, which sports a single light gray drill at the tip.

Dex Entry Edit

Pneumatic Pokemon

HT 6’11’’

WT 793.7 lbs.

Pneumagon is a magnificent Pokemon. When angered or impressing a mate, it roars and rotates all the drills on its body.

Name OriginEdit

Pneumagon may be a combination of "Pneumatic," referencing pneumatic drills, and the suffix "gon," meaning shape.