Komecko is a Fakemon that appears in the hack Pokemon Topaz by Bazza. It evolves into Geckasaur. It replaces Zigzagoon in the Hoenn Dex.


Komecko takes on a reptillian appearance, with an entirely light brown colored body, a long, lizard-like tail, and two legs with three, frog-like toes. Its two eyes contain black pupils and it possesses a large forked, red tongue.

Dex Entry Edit

Gecko Pokemon

HT 1’04’’

WT 38.6 lbs.

Komecko hides on the walls of buildings it is very shy. It has suction pads on it’s feet to help climb these walls.

Name OriginEdit

Komecko may be a combination of "Komodo Dragon" and "Gecko."