Geckasaur is a Fakemon that appears in the hack Pokemon Topaz by Bazza. It evolves from Komecko. It replaces Linoone in the Hoenn Dex.


Geckasaur appears to be two Komecko attached together, minus the tail. Four tan stripes cover the area where the two bodies join, and the tongue color has changed from red to blue. 

Dex Entry Edit

Twin Gecko Pokemon

HT 1’08’’

WT 71.6 lbs.

Geckasaur’s 2 heads confuse enemies because they are unsure which head to attack, this gives plenty of time for it to execute the finishing blow!

Name OriginEdit

Geckasaur may be a combination of "Gecko" and the suffix "saur," used to describe dinosaurs.