Drillee is a Fakemon that appears in the hack Pokemon Topaz by Bazza. It evolves into Snootrill, which then evolves into Pneumagon. It replaces Aron in the Hoenn Dex.


Drillee has a very simple design. Its body consists of a small, dark gray sphere with two red, black-pupiled eyes. Its two feet are light gray and lack toes. A large, light gray drill sits atop its head.

Dex Entry Edit

Drill Pokemon

HT 1’04’’

WT 132.3 lbs.

Drillee turns upside down with its drill in the earth and drills continuously down. Scientists say that it is searching for heat below ground.

Name OriginEdit

Drillee may be a combination of "Drill" and a corruption of the suffix "y," used to make a word sound more cute or sweet.