Crawnly is a Fakemon that appears in the hack Pokemon Topaz by Bazza. It evolves into either Burbug, which then evolves into Buxoth, or into Boatag, which then evolves into Moxoth. It replaces Wurmple in the Hoenn Dex.


Crawnly resembles a pink worm. Its body is segmented, similar to an earthworm, and it possesses a lighter colored lower jaw. Crawnly's eyes are completely white and lack pupils, giving it the "prophet eye" look. A single, yellow crest sits atop its head just above its eyes.

Dex Entry Edit

Worm Pokemon

HT 1’00’’

WT 7.9 lbs.

The huge horn above Crawnly’s head is used to store all Crawnly’s vitamins. No matter how big or small a foe is Crawnly will try its best in battle.

Name OriginEdit

Crawnly may be a combination of the word "Crawl" and the name suffix "ly."