Boatag is a Fakemon that appears in the hack Pokemon Topaz by Bazza. It is a possible evolution from Crawnly (the other being Burbug) and evolves into Moxoth. It replaces Cascoon in the Hoenn Dex. Like its replacement, the only move it will know when found in the wild is Harden.


Boatag appears to resemble a beetle and a toy boat. Its body is gray and a yellow, canoe-shaped growth protrudes from the top of the body. A red "X" appears to adorn the growth. Boatag possesses two beady, black eyes and six light gray legs with yellow joints.

Dex Entry Edit

Beetle Pokemon

HT 2’04’’

WT 25.4 lbs.

The large yellow hump on Boatag is where its nutrients are stored. This means Boatag can go months without food or water, by living off its hump.

Name OriginEdit

Boatag may be a combination of the words "Boat" and "Stag," or "Lag."